Celebrity genomics without the Y chromosome: Glenn Close has her genome sequenced:

“Illumina, Inc. (NASDAQ:ILMN) today (March 11, 2010 ) announced that it has sequenced the DNA of American actress Glenn Close, the first publicly named female to have her DNA sequenced to full coverage.”

“Illumina launched its retail genome sequencing service (which requires a doctor’s permission) back in June. It’s not cheap – currently a whole genome will set you back a hefty $48,000 – but it’s likely that prices will tumble this year as competition heats up from emerging sequencing provider Complete Genomics.”

“Complete doesn’t offer sequencing direct to customers, but it will partner with personal genomics companies such as Knome to offer its product to high-end consumers….it’s worth noting that based on its recent analysis of four complete genomes it seems to have an error profile comparable with – or even better than – Illumina’s technology.”

So now let’s understand the costs. Will Complete Genomics to offer full genome sequencing for $5000 as mentioned earlier (seems years) or just over $1700 as disclosed in the scientific press or $10.000 as envisioned by most of the observers?

We are anticipating soon an interesting time when CG will announce publicly their offering rates. If they don’t make it public, we’ll know soon hereafter, when Knome and 23andMe, just to mention a few, will announce full genome sequence tests, using CG offering. This might be the very start of the DTC-full-genome-sequencing market.