Apple – iPhone in Business – Profiles – Mount Sinai Hospital:

The intuitive iPhone interface enables physicians to focus on patients instead of grappling with technology. “iPhone is driving this paradigm shift in health care,” says Prateek Dwivedi, Mount Sinai’s Chief Information Officer. “We’ve empowered our clinicians to just do their jobs. It’s not about the complexities. It’s not about the difficulties. It’s about having the right information at the right time.”

“The whole concept of everything in one device, and being able to move between applications — it’s fantastic.” “The speed and performance of iPhone and the app is a big benefit for patients because all the information is coming to their caregiver a lot faster.”

“This is big stuff, more important than anything, iPhone is the future of health care.”

“iPhone provides vital link to medical records.
Saving lives means making fast, informed decisions.”